Friday, 30 September 2016

How Americans should react to their upcoming “election”

The Rhymer was ruminating (or should that be rhyminating?) through his archives, and came across this gem, written back in April for his American friends. For some reason, he didn't publish it at the time. But it's still as valid as it ever was.

Who needs Clinton? Who needs Cruz?
Who needs “statesmen” that talk smooth?
Who needs Sanders? Who needs Trump?
Why don’t you chuck them all on the dump?

Who needs taxes? Who needs war?
Who needs police breaking in your door?
Who needs flags that come unfurled?
Why can’t we have a peaceful world?

These scum that want to rule your hearths,
It’s obvious that they’re psychopaths.
So, first, don’t vote! Then think, with me;
It’s time we human beings were free.

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